Hand Poured, Wooden Wicks & Great Fragrances - That's Lotus Candles!

About Lotus Candles

Lotus candles - all about our company.

Our Story

 As a family, we’ve always had an appreciation and love for quality candles and that’s why we created Lotus Candles!

The Lotus Candle Company, LLC was officially created In November 2017 and is based in Cleveland, OH.

You may ask, why the name Lotus Candles? Well, it’s simple! Growing up, our home was located on Lotus and we’ve always liked the symbolism of the lotus flower.  Our logo symbolizes the purity of heart and mind. It represents long life, health, happiness, and blessings. 

One of many of our fabulous fragrances that we offer.

Our Candles

Our candles are carefully made with  premium fragrances that appeal to the senses. To the smooth wax and the wooden wicks that crackle like a fireplace!

Nothing like a wooden wick!

Our Commitment

We're committed to make quality candles that would appeal to those that appreciate beautiful and fragrant candles. 

Our customers are the cornerstone of Lotus Candles and without them there would be no Lotus Candles. 

We strive to provide our customers with the candles they expect and in the end, we want our customers to remember; 

When you think of candles… think Lotus Candles