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Lotus Candles - Customer Email Reviews


Amy L  -  2020

Lovely candles

"I love the candles and the sound of the wood wick will be buying more."

Diversified Funk -2020

"Excellent customer service, prompt delivery and beautiful aromatic candles!"

Stephanie L. - 2020

Love the smell!

"I have not lit my candle yet however just opening it and inhaling the amazing scent is proof that I will love it once I do light it!"

Stephanie L. - 2020

Pink sugar small tin candle

"Pink sugar small tin candle I love the smell of this candle unlit! Once I light it I can leave another review lol  💯" 

JP - 2020


Von M. - 2020

"These candles smell so good! My favorites are Sun Dried Cotton, It’s Christmas, Mother’s Love, Baby Powder, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sweet Rain, Pink Sugar, Oud & Incense, Light Blue (women), Black Tie, Avocado and Seasalt and Champagne Toast.. I’m sure there more on my list. Check them out! Not only do they have candles but they have melts as well. Great smells at a great price!"

Ophelia - 2020

"OMGoodness..... I’m burning Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s to die for, soooo divine, relaxing and inviting 😃"

Stephanie L. - 2019

Love my candle

"I have not burned my candle yet however the scent is so intoxicating! And I loved receiving the melts of the same scent. Such a nice surprise 😍"

Evita - 2019


"Very wonderfully scented candles. Top notch customer service! Very personable, engaging, and knowledgeable on their products."

Jennifer - 2019

"I truly love my  Oud and Incense candle! It burns evenly and smells divine! I'll be back for more!"

Sharisse R. - 2019
"I would like to say that so far I have tried the glass jar Baby Powder candle and absolutely love it!!! It’s very fragrant and I get many compliments on how good the house smell when folks come over. I also love how this candle melts evenly every time I burn it. Keep up the excellent work Lotus Candles!!!!"

Audriunna T. - 2019
"The smell is wonderful, even left unlit it smells great."

luvbnme365 - 2019

"Oud & Incense is absolutely divine to the senses."

Katie -2019

" I purchased a few candles as gifts for my boyfriend, and they ended up being gifts for myself as well! A lot of the time, candles give off too strong of a scent and I end up with a headache, but that has not been the case with my Lotus Candles. The wooden wicks burn low and slow and put off just enough scent to fill your room without being overwhelming. I absolutely love the fragrances I chose and can't decide which one is my favorite, but the fresh, powdery scent of the baby powder, and the fruity, island smell of the mango papaya are definitely front runners. Also, the way the candle wax burns evenly each time I light them just goes to show the quality of the wax used. Another big plus of the Lotus Candles!"

Jackie - 2018
"My candles are amazing!!! I got it lit in one room and can smell it all around the house. On top of that the wooden wick is so relaxing to hear. I am in love  thank you"

Kim - 2018

"I have the Baby Powder candle burning in my bedroom right now. My ENTIRE apartment smells so good. I'm officially obsessed with Lotus Candles. Thank you!"